TOTEMS OF THE DEAD: A Feast for Crows

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

Totems of the Dead is a sword and sorcery fantasy setting loosely based on pre-Columbian Native American legends and history. As such, your heroes wear clothes made of buckskin; wield tomahawks and flint daggers; have feathers in their hair; and adorn themselves with war paint.

All characters are human (or at least human-like) and most of your enemies will be human. You will also be fighting against demons and ancient entities from beyond the stars.

The Elevator Pitch:

In a primitive land, a buckskin wearing Conan, adorned with war paint, fights sorcerers and demons with his bloodstained tomahawk. War looms as strangers have come to the Untamed Lands: steel clad warriors in dragon ships that look to carve out new kingdoms with their swords, while forces from the mysterious island of Atlantis threaten to invade.

Totems of the Dead