House Rules and Campaign Settings

Totems of the Dead: A Feast for Crows

House Rules and Campaign Settings

The Big Three

0. The GM is always right.

1. Be Mature.

2. Have Fun.


We will be following the rules for Bennies out of the main rule book, not Fate Chips from Deadlands.

There will be one Legend Benny in the bag. The Legend Benny allows a reroll and you add 1d6+2 to either your original roll or the reroll. You can use the Legend Benny for any reroll: damage, Fear Table, etc. The PC holding the Legend Benny will always be the target of any random affects (i.e., any time we have to roll a die to see which PC is affected). Finally, you can turn in the Legend Benny at the end of the session for 1 XP.


The Violence Beyond Rank rule is expanded to include all Edges. This means that Rank requirements for all Edges are removed. Skill, Attribute, and Edge requirements remain.

Edges from other settings, such as Sexy Armor from Legends of Steel, may be admitted on a case by case basis.

Jokers Wild

Anytime a player is dealt a Joker, all of the players receive a Benny.


With the approval of the GM, you may earn a Benny by declaring a Stunt. A Stunt makes any action harder, generally a -2 to your roll. In addition, the consequences of failure must be significant and declared before the dice are rolled: you suffer a Wound, the bad guy gets away, the princess dies, etc.

Bravery and Despair (Player’s Guide, pp. 97-98)

In addition to their regular statistics, each hero begins play with two additional scores: Bravery and Despair.

If your Bravery is higher than your Despair, you add the difference to all Spirit checks.

If your Despair is higher than your Bravery, you add your total Despair score to any rolls on the Fear table.

No Spell Points

Totems of the Dead does not use spell points. Spells are cast as rituals that take a certain amount of time. See the Players Guide, “Chapter Four: Magic and Sorcery” for details on how magic works in the setting.

Parry Penalty for Armor

Wearing body armor lowers your Parry by the same amount it raises your Toughness. If you are wearing multiple kinds of armor, use the highest Toughness bonus to determine the Parry penalty. Shields and helmets do not count against your Parry (though some helmets may impede Notice rolls).

Other Campaign Rules

There are a number of other campaign setting rules in the book (Powwows, Herbalism, Counting Coup, etc.) that evoke the feel of a tomahawk and sorcery setting. There are too many to list, but we will be using all of them.

House Rules and Campaign Settings

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