The Campaign

Totems of the Dead: A Feast for Crows

The Campaign

Tomahawks and Sorcery

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

Totems of the Dead is a sword and sorcery fantasy setting loosely based on pre-Columbian Native American legends and history. As such, your heroes wear clothes made of buckskin; wield tomahawks and flint daggers; have feathers in their hair; and adorn themselves with war paint.

All characters are human (or at least human-like) and most of your enemies will be human. You will also be fighting against demons and ancient entities from beyond the stars.

The Elevator Pitch

In a primitive land, a buckskin wearing Conan, adorned with war paint, fights sorcerers and demons with his bloodstained tomahawk. War looms as strangers have come to the Untamed Lands: steel clad warriors in dragon ships that look to carve out new kingdoms with their swords, while forces from the mysterious island of Atlantis threaten to invade.

The Untamed Lands

The Arrival of the Skadians

The Skadians, a Viking-like culture, have settled on the northeast corner of the Untamed Lands. They have conquered and displaced several tribes that used to live in that region.

The Forces of Atlantis

Over one thousand years ago, ships from Atlantis arrived at the Untamed Lands. The Atlanteans established numerous forts and outposts on the coasts. Then the Atlanteans departed as suddenly as they had appeared.

Now, the Atlanteans have reappeared. They are starting to reoccupy many of the citadels they left behind.

Pirates, Raiders, and Rogues

The coming of the Skadians and the Atlanteans has resulted in political instability throughout the Untamed Lands. As a result, there has been a proliferation of raiding parties, piracy, and thievery. The trade routes along rivers and across the oceans have become targeted by bloodthirsty pirates looking to take anything of value and willing to slit a few throats to get it. Tribal rivalries have reached an all-time high, with skirmishes, raids, and warring occurring with increased frequency.

Turmoil among the Spirits

The Skadians and the Atlanteans have brought with them the gods and mythical beasts of their homelands. Now, these foreign entities are coming into conflict with local spirits. As all of these beings vie for territory and influence, the spiritual balance of the land has been upset.

Rise of the Wendigo

The Wendigo is arctic ice personified- a cold hunger incarnate. It is one of the most feared spiritual entities of the Untamed Lands. Since the coming of the Skadians and the beings that followed them to this land, the Wendigo’s influence has been extending ever southward from its arctic realm of influence. As its power increases, more anthropophagous cults arise and more humans are distorted by unspeakable acts of cannibalism to become the Wendigo’s horrifying minions.

A Time of Sorcerers

The benevolent spirits are at their weakest and evil entities are waxing to a new zenith of unholy power. Those magi and corrupt shamans who abuse spiritual power for their own insidious aims can tap into these dark energies to perform rituals and ensorcelments of hitherto undreamed of power and magnitude. Black magicians and necromancers alike grow mad with power, corrupted by their appetites and devilish machinations.

The Spirit Mist

The Spirit Mist is a phenomenon that appears across the length and breadth of the Untamed Lands, blanketing the landscape with its ghostly mystery. Little is known about the Spirit Mist. This supernatural fog seems to appear at random, lasting anywhere from hours to days before moving on or dispersing. Within the fog, strange occurrences become almost commonplace. Spiritual monstrosities seem able to gain access to this world from another through these mists. Spectral images may also appear, but whether they are ghosts or false phantasms remains unknown.

Totems of the Dead

It is said that hidden in ancient ruins are powerful stone totems. These ancient stone effigies hold the powers of strange and ancient spirits. It is said that, if unlocked from their ancient stone vessels, the powers of these totems could rebuild the world, or destroy it. Fortunately, most of these vessels of power are buried in ancient tombs, their powers well hidden and protected by powerful guardians and wards. Loremasters and wise shamans fear that evil magicians will seek out these Totems and unleash the spirits trapped within.

A Feast for Crows

The current age is one of strife. Crop failure and the growing scarcity of game have increased tensions between chiefdoms. With food and resources stretched thin, thievery, piracy and raiding are on the rise. War looms just around the corner, even among people who were once peaceful and content. The Skadians have made many enemies and disrupted the local balance of power while carving out their kingdoms with swords of iron. The rivers run red, and the carrion birds grow fat on the rising tide of bloodshed.

The Campaign

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